I’m feeling political today. Maybe it’s cause I just came from my political science class, but I’m fired up. I’m royally pissed to be more specific. I’ve made no secret on this blog that my political beliefs are fairly radically leftist. Reincarnation is horseshit but if it were real, I’m pretty sure I was Jack Reed in a past life. I’m a libertarian socialist. However, I am usually capable of understanding where conservatives come from, especially on economic issues. I’ve read Ayn Rand. I understand the appeal of getting to be a selfish dick and only look out for your own self-interests (or what Rand called rational self-interest). However, 95% of so called conservatives in this nation completely ignore the other half of Rand’s philosophy, which is individual liberty and rationalism. Paul Ryan talks about how much he loves Rand, but then he forgets that she was a militant atheist, and he’s essentially a theocrat. In the 21st century, there is no room and no cause for religiously motivated social conservativism. It’s fascism, plain and simple. My political science classes this year are full of neo-con assholes along this vein, and I leave there every day remembering why I nearly dropped out of school. I hate this shit. And there’s no reasoning with them because their entire belief structure is centered around anti-intellectualism and a dogmatic adherence to religious propaganda. Why can’t people think for themselves? Anyways, on days when my political collar is fuming, what better band to look toward than Rage Against the Machine. Here’s “Calm Like a Bomb” off their seminal, The Battle of Los Angeles album (their best record).