What’s up with the way that we listen to sad music when we’re feeling down? It’s like we intentionally create this feedback loop that makes us even more morose. After every break up or any time that I am rejected by a girl that I really like, there’s a 100% chance that I’ll start listening to a shit ton of the Cure and Brand New. It’s not a helpful or productive habit in the slightest, but without fail, I do it. And every person I know has their own selection of sad music to see them through sad times whether it’s High Violet era-The National or early Mountain Goats records. I’m not sad today. I’m just fucking miserable. I’m sick and since it just started today out of nowhere, I feel like there’s a healthy chance that this is only going to get worse. I have a promise to myself (and my dad) to actually go to class this year, and it’s not easy when you have to walk two miles to campus with a massive sinus headache. So, for some reason, when I got home from class today, I was jonesing for the melancholic indie folk of Elliott Smith. So, without further ado, his Academy Award nominated song (from Good Will Hunting), “Miss Misery.”