First things first. Before some douche bag tries to correct me, this particular song was on Some Devil. That’s not a Dave Matthews Band album. It’s just a Dave Matthews album. Now that’s out of the way. I feel like I’m dying. It’s just a cold or a sinus infection (possibly a flu though and it becomes increasingly more likely that that’s the case) but I still feel miserable. I have a shit immune system. I’m probably not going to live to a ripe old age because the first time I get sick as a senior citizen, it will probably kill me. So, since I feel like death, what better way to use my Song of the Day than the tune “Gravedigger” by Dave Matthews. This is angry Dave. Which is honestly how I prefer the man. I’m actually shocked it’s taken me this long to use a Dave song. I know it’s not cool to be an indie music fan and say you like Dave Matthews or DMB but I do. DMB is one of the all-time great jam bands, and I just appreciate the way that Dave incorporates a great diversity of influences into his music from jazz to classic rock to world music to the blues. I would love to see him live some day.


this one goes out to my boss Josh Spurbeck. I’m sick today but I was scheduled to work. He sent me home and I definitely appreciate it. Plus, he’s the biggest Dave fan I know. He even has a Dave tattoo.