Yes. I know that this song is not about using cough syrup to cure a cough. I’m pretty sure it’s about using it for its less-than-legal effect of “robo-tripping” and particularly in this song to drown one’s sorrows. But, until my sinus infection/flu/cold/whatever malady I’m suffering goes away, I’m keeping up with the “Don’s Mysterious Illness” theme for these Songs of the Day. Since the tune certainly has a somber tone, it fits with my less than celebratory mood (even though WVU whooped Marshall 69-34 which was awesome). Unlike Thursday where I was sent home (because I literally couldn’t speak and I was driving like a drunkard trying to get to work in the first place), I actually had to work today and it was fucking miserable. I didn’t have to ring which was great but anytime I so much as tilted my head, I was crippled with the immense sinus pressure going on in my head right now. I still, as I type this, feel like my head is in a slowly turning vise. Each day that I’ve been sick, I’ve had different symptoms, and they’ve all run their course fairly quickly, so maybe I’m going to be magically better tomorrow. I doubt it, but hopefully, there will be some improvement. Until then, enjoy this wonderful tune.