The greatest bar band in recent memory, The Hold Steady are a seminal indie rock favorite even though they’re as comfortable playing tiny venues like Morgantown, WV’s 123 Pleasant Street as they are major NYC venues like T5 or the Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you couldn’t tell by my review of their 2006 album Boys and Girls in America, I’m a big fan of Craig Finn and crew. They’re a wonderful mix of 70’s classic rock and late 80s/early 90s power pop, and Craig Finn is one of indie rock’s most literate storytellers. His songs are littered with classical and modern literary references, and contain a continuity of storytelling across albums so that late-comers to the band won’t always get the character arcs present in his albums. I’m just choosing today’s Song of the Day, “Chill Out Tent,” because it’s one of indie rock’s most fun and hedonistic odes to being young and sex, drugs, & rock and roll. Also, I literally have to chill out after my freak out at the end of last night’s Breaking Bad mid-season finale. I’m actually considering breaking my “No More Reviewing TV” rule to put up a post about that stellar end of the season. Enjoy the tune.