There’s a new Animal Collective album out today, and I thought about using one of their tunes as my Song of the Day but since I A) haven’t heard the new record yet and B ) used “Today’s Supernatural” just a couple weeks ago, I’ll restrain myself until I’ve had a chance to dive into Centipede Hz. This week has seen me playing a little more loosely with my time frame of songs and there hasn’t been as much stuff from this year. That’s about to change. To start, here’s a band that I had never heard of before like 1:30 PM today. My boss reviewed their latest (and possibly first for all I know) EP for Baeble and they came across my attention. They’re called Slam Donahue. The EP is called Hemlock Tea. And you need to listen to them right now. It’s unpretentious, fun, and crazy catchy rock that still manages to sound like nothing else I can think of right now. Maybe if Modest Mouse and MGMT had a baby. I’m so into this EP right now. Everyone needs to play the link at the bottom of this to hear “Where Were We on the Weekend.” You’ll be grateful later. Unlike usual, there isn’t a Youtube up for this yet cause there so new (and obscure), so this will be a Soundcloud embed. Enjoy.