Continuing my trend (which I started yesterday and will likely finish today so maybe we can’t really call it a trend) of picking bands that I didn’t know about til a couple days ago, let’s talk about a little group called Divine Fits. Comprised of members of Spoon, Wolf Parade, and another band I’ve never heard of, Divine Fits is what some might call an indie supergroup although not as super as say Broken Social Scene (how have I not used them yet?). They also fit another of my personal indie favorite buzzwords. They’re some subgenre of “chill” music although I’m not quite sure I would ever refer to them as chillwave. Maybe “chillstep” since there’s a healthy amount of bass in today’s tune, “My Love Is Real,” but it’s not overbearing. The DNC is on and like a dumb-ass I forgot to write this before the DNC started so I’m going to curtail this prematurely so everybody else can enjoy the Democratic National Convention (unless you’re a Republican. And let’s face it. You probably don’t listen to music from the indie culture anyways).