Gotta keep this short folks. I worked all evening and Barack Obama is going to be speaking any minute now. Don’t know how he’ll top Michelle Obama or Bill Clinton (seriously. god damn Bill Clinton was great last night), but if there’s one thing Barack can do amazingly well, it’s deliver a speech. So, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Anyways, I picked this song earlier in the day because it’s a song I’ve wanted to make my Song of the Day for months now but never saw the chance. I listened to it at least once or twice a day every day that I worked in NYC. For a simple reason. It was the song at the top of one of my playlists by random chance (and I never had the chance to update my iPod playlist). However, since it’s one of the best indie rock tunes of the aughts, no one was complaining. It’s pure angry sexuality. I have to stop now so I can hear President Obama speak though. Later peeps.