This is without question going to be the oldest song that I’ve ever used as my Song of the Day. “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by renowned vocal group The Ink Spots came out in 1941 which predates any other song I’ve used on here by about 20 years. However, I’m reviewing a film from the same year, Penny Serenade, and for some some reason, this song kept popping in my head as I was starting out on that review (which isn’t finished yet but will be up by the end of the evening). The major reason that I know this song is because of Fallout 3 because it was the main song of the game. Anyone who’s played Bethesda’s masterpiece has probably had this song stuck in their head for long periods of time if you spent anytime listening to that particular radio station. Here’s a song though that manages to predate rock & roll that I still find to be absolutely timeless. Enjoy.