In an era where far too many albums are centered around finding that one right single, Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE managed to find that cohesive “album” feel of yesteryear while simultaneously managing to deliver a ton of great singles as well. That’s probably why channel ORANGE is one of the top contenders for Album of the Year so far. It’s definitely my choice. The only album behind it is Bruce Springsteen’s last record, Wrecking Ball (which I reviewed for Baeble). Here’s a testament to how great the album is. He has a song called “Crack Rock” that’s about crack addicts that is one of the best and catchiest tunes on the record. I’ve already used “Thinkin About You” from the album, and neither of these songs are even my favorite on the record (that award goes to “Pyramids). Seriously, if you’ve somehow managed to not listen to channel ORANGE yet this year, you need to do so immediately. It remains one of the best R&B albums of the last 10 years.