I posted a song from my favorite album of the year yetserday, Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE, so I thought why not post one from my second favorite album of the year today. Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball is one of the man’s best records in at least ten years and it shows that Bruce Springsteen joins Bob Dylan as one of the only American artists who has continued to push out great records decades after his so-called prime. I’m actually shocked I haven’t used any of the songs from Wrecking Ball yet since I loved the album so much. It’s Bruce’s angriest record yet with a clear message against the financial and industrial elites whose malfeasance put our nation into the mess it currently finds itself in. I love me some angry Bruce, and one of the best political tunes of the album (which should go down as one of the great political protest songs of the decade so far) is the excellent “Death to My Hometown.” Enjoy.