Ah. It’s moments like this where I really miss working at Baeble. It’s that random moment when your boss assigns you to cover a music video and it turns out to be the second best music video of the year (of course, the best is Grimes’ video for “Oblivion”). Orbital is a veteran British electronic act, but I had never heard of them before moving to NYC. However, my boss Joe assigned me to cover their new video for their song “New France” feat. Zola Jesus (whose concert I had covered earlier in the semester). Of course, it was love at first sight. The song is great and is helped immensely by Nika Danilova’s (Zola Jesus) astounding pipes, but it’s the music video that I love about this whole deal. Before Ted came along, there was this video about a stuffed lion who takes a night away from his young, little girl owner to party like a rockstar with his friends. It manages to be somehow sad and tragic and Zola Jesus’ elegiac voice only solidifies the feeling that although this is ostensibly a video about a stuffed lion partying at a nightclub with his friends, there’s a real sadness right below the surface. Enjoy.