I’m probably about to fail some sort of hipster litmus test by saying this, but I hadn’t actually ever heard of Regina Spektor until I watched (500) Days of Summer. There’s another band that I heard for the first time because of that film (actually several now that I think about it) but I’m going to refrain from saying who for fear of losing all respect I have. Needless to say, I know much more about indie music now than I did in 2009. But, hearing the refrains of “Us” over the opening credits of (500) Days of Summer caused me to instantly fall in love with Regina Spektor, and I’ve been in love with her music ever since then. She had a new album this year, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats, which I haven’t had the chance to listen to in its entirety yet. However, I’m pretty sure I was the one at Baeble who covered the first single from the album, “All the Rowboats,” when it was first released. It’s those weird little things where I’m writing about bands/artists I love and thousands of people are reading it. But there you go. It’s a great tune with a truly weird as shit music video. Enjoy.