Japandroids are a good band in their own right, but I have my own personal reasons for making their breakthrough single, “The House That Heaven Built,” my song of the day. Virtually the entirety of indie rock consumers (ugh. I hate that word used in that context) went crazy over Japandroids last album, Celebration Rock, which came out earlier this year. It’s good, but I’m certainly not as crazy about it as everyone else (although this song is pretty phenomenal). The reason why this band holds a special place in my heart is their eerie connection with the webmagazine I internshipped with, Baeble. We shot them many moons ago. I imagine it was when Post-Nothing had came out. So, we were aware of them long before they exploded. Their drummer bears a freakish resemblance to my managing editor to the point that we always joked he was in the band and not telling anyone. If it weren’t for photographic evidence of the two together, I wouldn’t believe they weren’t the same dude. So, enjoy some lo-fi punk to brighten up your evening.