I’ve got to give credit to my Baeble managing editor, Joe Puglisi, yet again for turning me onto another band. Yeasayer is one of indie rock’s more popular acts this year, and that has to at least be partially attributed to their well-received (except the now infamous review from Ian Cohen at Pitchfork [but he’s a professional douche bag]) record Fragrant World. Long before the album came out, I can remember how excited my boss got when their press people finally sent us the first single from the album, “Henrietta,” which got his motors running. He immediately had me listen to it, and I was able to attest at how well-crafted a bit of psychedelic indie rock it was. The beginning of it weirdly reminds me of the intro to “Disparate Youth” by Santigold and I’m not quire sure why. I need more time to contemplate that I guess. Anyways, I’ve worked every day this weekend and my brain is mush. I’ll keep this short. Hopefully, I have time to get actual writing done next week. Oi vey.