If Frank Ocean is the best thing to happen to R&B since D’Angelo, then British rising star Michael Kiwanuka may be the best thing to happen to soul music since Van Morrison. If that sounds like absurdly high praise, well, I mean every word of it. As I said back in June when I used his “Home Again” as my Song of the Day as part of my acts I saw at Bonnaroo series, he’s Otis Redding reborn with the more baroque sensibilities of Van Morrison thrown in for good measure. I can pretty much personally guarantee that nearly every song from his debut record, Home Again, will be used as my Song of the Day. It’s one of the three best records of the year (the other two are channel ORANGE and Shields. Also maybe Wrecking Ball for good measure). Unlike a lot of my more esoteric indie tastes, here’s an artist that should appeal to everyone, whether it’s parents that grew up with Otis Redding and Van Morrison, or young people who can simply appreciate stellar song-writing and a superbly soulful delivery. Today, I’m going with “Tell Me a Tale” as my Song of the Day because it’s the most Van Morrison-y of the songs on the record, and also a good contender for my favorite track on the album. There are too many great ones to choose though.