I’m not sure why, but that image above remains one of my favorite rock and roll pictures. It’s not even a picture of the whole band. I’m pretty sure that’s just Kim and Thurston rocking out on stage, but there’s just something about the image that captures the feel of Sonic Youth. I’m not a photography critic so I don’t really know what that is per se, but it’s just a great picture of the duo. Anywho, long time readers may know that I’m not actually all that crazy about Evol, but god I fucking love Daydream Nation. I’m shocked I haven’t used this song yet, but maybe I just haven’t felt very energetic in a while. But tomorrow, I’m going to my first WVU home football game in several years, and it’s making me feel young. I’m excited to see Geno Smith and crew run rampant over the Maryland Terrapins. Well, I hope that’s what happens anyway. Geno is the Heisman front runner right now. I’d hate to see him choke against what should be an easy opponent. Anywho, “Teen Age Riot” is one of the defining alternative rock songs of the 80s (and Sonic Youth were in turn one of the defining alternative acts of the 80s and 90s), and everybody should check it out. Enjoy.