I think I’ve posited this belief on here several times (first with my review of Stop Making Sense, one of the greatest concert films ever made, as well as when “Psycho Killer” was one of my first Songs of the Day), but I firmly believe that Talking Heads are one of the most under-appreciated bands of all time. They get all sorts of deserved love from the indie music community (and people who were listening to the burgeoning notion of college rock in the actual 70s and 80s), but outside of “Burning Down the House,” the average American doesn’t know their stuff. It’s a shame cause David Byrne and crew were some of the top performers of their day, and they were making exciting, genre-blurring music that is still undeniable fun today. They’re my Song of the Day again today (usually today would be a day for new music since I did an older song yesterday) because I just watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) Lars and the Real Girl and during a particularly memorable (and awkward) scene, they played “This Must Be the place (Naive Melody)” and I loved it. I’m really sad that I’ll never see Talking Heads live. They’re up there with XTC on my top groups from the 80s that I’ll just never get to see.