I’m feeling like I’m in a Justin Vernon kind of mood today. If only I could grow an awesome beard of sorrow to match his. Long time readers may know that I consider the Bon Iver show at this year’s Bonnaroo to be the single greatest show I’ve ever been to. It was almost a religious experience. Before the show, I didn’t really understand why everybody was loving his new self-titled record show much since it sounded so different from For Emma (and in my initial opinion, not nearly as good). Seeing the huge band live changed my perspective on the grand yet simultaneously intimate ambitions of Justin Vernon’s music, and every time I’ve listened to the album since then, I’ve heard it an entirely new light. I can’t stress enough how spiritual of an experience Bon Iver’s music has become to me. It’s entered an echelon of emotional response usually reserved for Radiohead and Panda Bear. We’re using “Holocene” today because it’s a hauntingly beautiful tune with an absurdly gorgeous music video. Enjoy.