I don’t have very many steadfast rules in life that people have to pass in order to be my friend. The list is about as short as 1) Don’t be racist or homophobic. 2) You have to love Annie Hall. and 3) you’d better fucking appreciate David Bowie. There are bands/artists that I think are better (Dylan, Radiohead, the Beatles) but they’re so popular and hyped that I can at least understand not getting the hype. David Bowie is just the most under-appreciated performer of all time. He charted the course of so many different genres of music and outside of serious music fan circles, he never gets the credit he deserves. On Low, he was at the forefront of electronic and ambient music as well as the burgeoning ideas of “noise” rock. Not to mention that he had about a million superb classic rock hits that still get play today. However, most of these songs have a subversive and experimental bent, and let’s face it, he was the first Lady Gaga (but way more talented. although I do love me some Gaga). Today’s song is the title track off his Young Americans album which is Bowie (a Brit) exploring American R&B and soul. Of course, it’s a success. Enjoy.