And now it’s time to confuse the fuck out of everybody. Prepare yourself for some good old-fashioned Europop. Fueled by “grrrrl” power and enough synths to make Robyn (and the entire 90s house movement) proud, “I Love It” by Swedish girl-pop duo Icona Pop is a track that I’m somehow ashamed to admit I love, but I also can’t deny its allure. I’m not actually sure if this is a good song or not, but it works on this weirdly ironic, nostalgic pleasure center of mine that is probably operating in some Brooklyn (specifically Williamsburg) style of hipsterdom. If only I could grow a beard. This song probably isn’t going to be for everybody, but if you like semi-cheesy dance pop, it’s so catchy. Once again, we can thank the Europeans (specifically the Scandinavians) for making dance music that is infinitely better than the stale garbage we regularly release here in the states.