I have been wanting to use a Mumford & Sons song for this Song of the Day series ever since I started it back in April. However, I just haven’t felt like I had the right opportunity to do so yet. Unless I’m really struggling to find something to be my Song of the Day, I like to have these songs have some sort of thematic resonance with wherever I am in life right now (or if there’s a song that I’ve just happened to really fall in love with lately). Since Mumford & Sons have a new album, Babel, that just came out on Tuesday, now seems as good a time as ever to use a song from easily the most popular British folk-bluegrass band out there right now (at least here in the States). I can remember when Sign No More came out a couple of years ago. That album built up on word of mouth alone and ended up being a huge, huge seller. If early sales are any indication, Babel, is on a similar track. I’m going to use the lead single from their new CD, “I Will Wait,” today cause I’ve fallen in love with it every time I’ve listened to it at work. I hope you enjoy it as well.