You want to know how I know I’m getting old. This really happened. That is a link to an article I wrote at Baeble right after the Grammys about the Twitter phenomenon of people honestly not knowing who Paul McCartney is. PAUL FUCKING MCCARTNEY! That’s like not knowing who Michael Jackson is or the President of the United States. He’s a Beatle God Damnit! I cried some tears for future generations. Anywho, as a senior in college, I don’t have a chance to make as many new friends as I did when I first started out. Not living in the dorms and not being involved in a million extra-curricular activities will generally shrink your potential friend pool. Anyways, I have made a couple new friends this year, and one posted a picture on Facebook of a bunch of Beatles albums. I asked her today what her favorite Beatles album was and she said Rubber Soul. I’m more of a Revolver or Abbey Road man myself, but every Beatles record is phenomenal, and Rubber Soul actually has my favorite poppier song of the Beatles, “Drive My Car.” Beatles aren’t on Spotify so I have no idea what song I’m going to make my Song of the Day for there. Probably a cover from Across the Universe except they don’t use this song in the movie. Anyways, give it up for the greatest band of all time.