Spoiler Alert. If you haven’t watched the mid-season finale of Doctor Who and are a fan that somehow didn’t already know this was supposed to be their last episode as companions), stop reading this right now. Usually, for my Song of the Day posts, the post image is of the person performing the song. So, today’s post should usually be Peter Gabriel. I’m making a huge exception right here. In the offchance that I’m still making this blog ten years down the line when I finally get married (if it ever happens. it could happen sooner, later, or never), I wanted to reserve this song for my Wedding day. I want this to be my Wedding song. My wife can pick everything else about the wedding, but I want this song to be the official Wedding song. “The Book of Love” as performed by Peter Gabriel (originally done by the Magnetic Fields) is my favorite love song of all time. It even edges out “God Only Knows.” I’m going to sacrifice my desire to use the song in a romantic context for myself and instead bestow it upon the Ponds who made their farewell from the Doctor Who universe last night on the BBC. They’re one of my favorite fictional romances of all time. Rory is my favorite companion in series history, and I bawled like an absolute baby when they left the series. Like Toy Story 3 final scene crying. It was a massive sobfest in my room. I love these two, and the show isn’t going to be the same without them.