We’re going to play a recurring game here on my blog. The game is called “Find Things That Make Don Saas Feel Really Old.” We’ve already had lots of entries to that list here at Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari, and here’s another one. Ben Folds Five hadn’t released an album of new material in 13 years prior to the release two weeks ago of their newest record, The Sound of the Life of the Mind. Holy cow! They’re one of indie rock/pop’s definitive groups, and they haven’t done anything in over a decade. Pitchfork didn’t like the new album, but everybody I talked to in real life seems to really dig it (even my boss Josh who isn’t a Ben Folds fan). I’m actually really regretting my decision not to see them at Bonnaroo this year. Anywho, we’ve been playing the new record at work a lot (FYE work, not Baeble work where I haven’t done much since the Grizzly Bear review), and I’m in love with the song “Draw a Crowd.” Once you hear the ridiculous shit Ben Folds is singing for the hook, you’ll see why. Enjoy everybody.