alt-J is most likely going to be the band to win this year’s Mercury Prize. I know every description of the band starts out like that these days, but since the vast majority of people have no idea who they are, it’s a good attention grabber. Here’s a band that recently exploded on the indie scene with their highly regarded record, An Awesome Wave (Pitchfork a notable but expected exception), and there’s a good reason why. They’re making new, unique music in a year where the most distinctive album so far has been Grimes’ Visions and little else. We’re continuing 2011’s trends where modernized versions of past musical trends is the thing. The closest comparisons that can be made are maybe Radiohead, but they definitely have their own distinct view on the art-house electronic rock school of music. I’m just now getting into the group myself so I’ll just let the song speak for itself and maybe you all can help me come up with descriptors for this interesting new brand of music. No idea what the music video is about however.