Before some dumb-ass feels the need to inform me, I’m already wear that Makaveli is Tupac’s stage name. Hence the picture of Tupac Shakur above these very words. Anyways back to the post. As I’ve mentioned on here a couple of times, I had African-American foster siblings growing up. And every night before we went to bed, my brother Darryl would play his 2Pac records as well as his Bone Thugz N Harmony cds. I probably rebelled against his taste in hip-hop at the time, but it had an indelible effect on my taste in music for the rest of my life, and to this day, you can play any classic Bone Thugz or 2Pac and it will transport me back to being a little kid learning about music that I would have never heard (at least until I was older) if he my foster siblings hadn’t come into my life. One of the 2Pac records my brother had was The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory which was 2Pac’s first posthumous record (of several) and it was released under his stage name Makaveli. It’s one of Pac’s darkest records, and I love it. Every time I hear “Hail Mary,” or today’s Song of the Day, “To Live and Die in L.A.,” I get excited and want to party. Usually, I believe East Coast is a lot better than West Coast for hip-hop (and honestly most music) but Tupac is the exception to that rule .