Ben Howard becomes the second person to join the “3 Times” club here in my Song of the Day series. The only other artist who has had three songs used for this so far is They Might Be Giants. I’ve got a bunch of people who I’ve used twice, but no one else has come up to bat three times (although trust me, before the year’s out, Frank Ocean, Father John Misty, and others will make repeat entrances as well). As I’ve mentioned previously for “Old Pine” and “Keep Your Head Up,” I only even heard of this British folkster because he played Baeble’s SXSW show in Austin, TX this year. We got some really good footage of his concert, and before SXSW started, I wrote up the initial “Introducing” piece for him. So, I had an early chance to hear his debut record, Every Kingdom, before it dropped here in America, and god, it’s such a great fucking album. Out of all of the artists to play for us at SXSW this year, I still hold that Ben Howard was the biggest coup, and he has an incredibly bright future ahead of him. So, here’s another great track off that wonderful debut CD. (Aside, the album is up for, but will likely not win, this year’s Mercury Prize)