As I’ve had to do several times on here, I must give credit to my old managing editor at Baeble for turning me onto this San Diego indie surf rock outfit. We used to have a semi-recurring feature written by a bouncer at Maxwell’s, a pretty cool concert venue in New Jersey. The guy’s name was actually Dan Maxwell. I wonder if he’s related to the owners. Anyways, he was impressed with one of the openers (I think they might have been opening for Cults) to the point that they wound up being part of an interview. My boss Joe got wind of the group and fell in love with their album. And Baeble became one of the big East Coast outlets pushing for this group of indie surf rockers. Seriously though, one listen to their song “Don’t Flatter Yourself” off their LP Strange Heaven shows a band with a killer ear for hooks that is practically begging for a wider audience. I’m not even one of those people that is on the whole surf-rock meets noise rock revivalist train (i.e. people who are huge Pixies fans), and I can dig this style. Enjoy peeps.