I have much clearer memories of the first couple of weeks worth of stories that I did at Baeble Music than any other period in my tenure in NYC. It’s really hard to over-state just how eye-opening that first month or so was and the indelible imprint it’s going to leave on the rest of my life. I’ve been getting especially homesick for the Village lately (not so much my apartment in Brooklyn) where I worked and at some point today, I started thinking about this story. Along with “King of the World” by First Aid Kit (feat. Conor Oberst), “On’n’On” by Justice as remixed by legendary producer Rick Rubin was one of the first songs of the year that I really fell in love with. It was one of the first stories that just made me sit up in my chair and think, “Damn! This is an amazing tune.” I actually really prefer this version of the song to the actual studio version that was on Justice’s last LP. So, if you’re a fan of good electronic rock, this French duo has a song for you that Rick Rubin made considerably better. Word of warning. The music video is slightly NSFW.