Back during my first tenure at FYE at the Morgantown Mall, we used to be forced to play DVDs over all of the store’s televisions. Then, these DVDs would have their audio hooked up to the store’s main speakers. These DVDs had music videos on them as well as trailers for films that were coming out on DVD or Blu-Ray soon. 90% of the songs that wound up on those DVDs were absolutely terrible and bordered on torturous. I don’t know how many times I had to listen to Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus 5 times a day because they were on the DVD. And that’s before we get into some of the truly horrendous country music. However, there was a silver lining to all of this. Most of the DVDs had at least one and maybe two bearable songs and occasionally a really great one. “Erase Me” by Kid Cudi feat. Kanye West was one of the good songs to show up on those DVDs. I’m not really into the whole hip-hop via pop music thing, but this is one of those songs that just does it undeniably well. I’ve never really gotten into Kid Cudi all that much (cause I’m not big into stoner rap), but this is a great tune.