In an admission that will likely ruin all of my hipster street cred, I have not actually listened to all of the new Passion Pit album, Gossamer, yet. Considering how well reviewed it’s been, I should probably remedy it soon. However, I’ve heard a couple songs here and there. I was less than impressed with the album’s lead single, “Take a Walk,” which seems to have been the general consensus of the music media. However, the rest of the album is apparently pretty great, and  a lot of the singles I’ve heard so far definitely fit that bill. Today’s song, “Carried Away,” is a wonderful indie electronic pop tune with a killer hook that, in the vein of the best indie pop songs, makes me want to dance the night away. I just wish that I could have gotten this excited about anything off of the Temper Trap’s new album, but I doubt if they’ll ever match the excitement of “Sweet Disposition.” Passion Pit, on the other hand, is here to stay.