Wow. Just wow. After the President’s almost comically soporific performance in Denver two weeks ago in the first Presidential debate, Democrats across the country were in a full-blown panic mode after the President’s abysmal performance and his poll numbers started to plummet. Vice President Biden did a fantastic job last week (and got a shout out here with a Rolling Stones song) but it was the on the President to finally reverse the course of his campaign. Jesus, did he show up tonight. He was the complete opposite of Denver. He was articulate and substantive about his policy accomplishments and proposals without seeming effete or wonkish. He was aggressive. He didn’t let Romney control the debate. He fought back and called Romney out on his lies. It was just a great night to be a Democrat. So, what better way to honor the President than with a tune by the Boss, the liberal lion of music if there ever was one. “We Take Care of Our Own” should be the rallying cry for us as a nation but partisan politics and corporate greed have kept that from happening. Electing President Obama is a step to make America a better nation that truly takes care of those who need it the most.