I’ve had a terrible fucking hangover all day. Since I’m 23, most of my friends in college have graduated even though I’m still an undergrad. Sadly, this means I don’t have that many friends left in Morgantown. It’s my fault, but that’s how it is. Anyways, this week, I made a new friend who’s in my Campaigns and Elections class. We were both so stoked about the President’s stellar performance during Tuesday’s debate (which earned a shout out on here via the Boss) that last night we went out and celebrated. We probably celebrated our Democratic pride a little too hard. I spent the entire morning throwing up, and I’m still a little hung-over. She isn’t feeling much better. So what better song to use after I over-indulged in beer, vodka, and jaeger, than “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain. I don’t actually know if I think this is a good song (probably not that much) and the first time I heard it was in the alcohol episode of Glee, but it fits my mood right now which is essentially “I’m never drinking again (until the next time I drink).” But seriously. Fuck alcohol. It was a fun night though. I just hate the price I paid today.