How does it feel Mitt? How does it feel to be completely bitch-slapped around the stage by your better for 90 minutes? If you didn’t know that tonight was the final US presidential debate, you had either better be a foreigner or planning to voluntarily take yourself out of the gene pool. Because the stakes have never been higher in a presidential election. The clear choice between a safer, stronger, and more economically secure America led by Barack Obama against a war-mongering, greedy, corprotocracy led by Mitt Romney was made abundantly clear in tonight’s foreign policy debate. I’d be the first to admit that the President stumbled in Debate #1 but he and the Vice President have been on fire since, and tonight was the best performance out of all of the debates thus far. I’ve chosen Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic “Fortunate Son” as my Song of the Day to remind everyone that Romney is part of the entitled, leechful plutocracy in America. And that if Romney wins, he will only make things better for his super rich buddies while the rest of America suffers. Make the right choice. Four more years for President Barack Obama!