Through a combination of listening to a lot of really good music lately and the fact that the screenplay I’m writing (I’m at 105 pages out of about 120 for a 2 hour film) takes place in New York City, I’ve really been missing my time in New York. I miss it pretty much every day. My options for fun things to do in Morgantown are much more limited than they were in New York (for obvious reasons), and I just don’t connect with the people here the same way that I did with New Yorkers. I was there for only four months but I already think of myself more as a New Yorker than a West Virginian. As soon as I can afford it, I’m moving back to New York. It’s not even a question at this point. I bring my time at Baeble up because Kopecky Family Band, today’s spotlighted artist, was a band that Baeble shot as part of our video production efforts. They’re a cool band with a unique and varied sound, and I wish they got more play. Hopefully you all enjoy “Howlin’ at the Moon” as much as I did.