I’m not sure if I’ve been this excited since I found out I was going to New York City. Long-time readers will know that I’ve been working on a screenplay. I started on Wednesday, October 10th, and two days ago, on the 23rd, I finished the first draft. I wrote like 115 pages in less than two weeks. I’m already 40 pages into my second draft now. To quote Aerosmith, “the train keeps a-rolling.” I’m really excited with it. I had pondered perhaps posting the first three scenes of it on here, but that’s like 9 pages. Nobody wants to read a 9 page post from me. Plus, I realized that I before start posting any of my script here on the interwebs, I should register it with the Screenwriter Guild of America so it doesn’t get stolen. I’ll do that after I finish my third draft. As I was writing one of the scenes in the film, I’ve always imagined this particular song playing, “Turn Off This Song and Go Outside” by The Lonely Forest. I’ve already used the awesome Lonely Forest tune “We Sing in Time,” but this one fits the mood of the scene more. This is a great band and I highly recommend their album, Arrows.