If you’re judging me right now, that’s fine. I don’t give a shit. I’m a Little Monster. My love of Lady Gaga is a not so secret guilty pleasure. Ever since the first time I got absolutely wasted in Florence, Italy, and danced the night away to “Poker Face,” I’ve had to move past my “serious music fan” snobbery and admit that Lady Gaga makes damn catchy pop music. Born This Way was sort of “meh,” but if you don’t find at least something to love on The Fame Monster, I think you might be trying to hate on Lady Gaga without actually giving her a fair shake. “Bad Romance,” “Alejandro” (my personal favorite, “Teeth,” and “Paparazzi?” Come on! I’ve actually went out and partied two nights in a row now (well, it will be two nights when I meet up with my friends after I put up this post) and for the first time in ages, I actually feel like I have a social life. It’s pretty awesome. I guess a benefit of actually going to class is that you get to make new friends. Anywho, I wanted to pick something youthful that is a song most kids my age can appreciate. What better unifier than Lady Gaga?