First things first. It really bothers me that Robert Plant is pretty far away in this picture but without even attempting to see it, you can still clearly notice his bulge. My friend, you may be wearing your pants too tight. Back to musings that aren’t about the package of rock’s notorious “Golden God” (love the Almost Famous joke about that nickname at the party scene). As someone who isn’t quite on the East Coast but close enough, I, like millions of others, am dreading the arrival of Frankenstorm Sandy. Morgantown is enough of a hassle to drive in without throwing hurricanes and blizzards into the mix. Seriously… fuck inclement weather. It was literally 85 degrees on Thursday in Morgantown and now they’re calling for a blizzard on Tuesday… What the hell? Bipolar, erratic weather is one of the sure signs of global warming, and if you still try to deny it, I don’t really know what universe you live in. Anywho, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that a lot of levees across the nation are going to break and so what’s more obvious than this gem from Led Zeppelin IV, “When the Levees Break.”