If you couldn’t tell by my review of their self-titled debut, Cults, or the fact that I’ve used their surprise hit “Go Outside” as my Song of the Day, I’m a big fan of indie pop/surf-rockers/1960s girl group throwback duo Cults. That freaking album is still one of my favorite records of 2011. And I got really excited when I heard some rumors that they were back working on new music. Hope it’s true. Anyways, I chose this song primarily because of its title (not the actual content of the song itself). I finished the second draft of my screenplay around 4 AM this morning. I’ve been sharing it with friends looking for some feedback, and I’ve taken today as an opportunity to relax. Once I’ve heard back from enough people, I’ll jump back into the screenplay and after my fourth draft or so, it will be time to register it with the Screenwriters Guild of America. But, today I took the opportunity to finally play the fourth episode of The Walking Dead: The Game (expect a review tonight or tomorrow). And a character very close to my heart was abducted. Hence today’s song, “Abducted.” Enjoy