New Jersey indie punk rockers Titus Andronicus just released their newest album, Local Business. I haven’t had a chance to check the whole thing out yet (and the critical response hasn’t been nearly as overwhelmingly favorable as it was for their last record, The Monitor). However, I’m certainly impressed with one of the album’s singles, ” In a Big City,” which is a perfect distillation of their raw punk sound from a band that can still actually play more than just “three chords and the truth.” This is a band that I’ve never really had the time to get into, but if the rest of their songs are as fun as this one, I may need to take a trip to Jersey. Well, I should probably wait for it to rebuild itself post-Sandy. Cause holy fuck. New Jersey got wrecked. And weirdly, this is causing Barack Obama and Chris Christie to become best buds. Not sure what bizarro version of America I woke up to today. Anyways, enjoy the tune.