Some of us are still reeling from the August announcement of the break-up of San Francisco indie rock favorites, Girls. Their record Father, Son, Holy Ghost was one of the best of last year, and everybody assumed that they had a big future ahead of them. Sadly, it’s not to be. Since I’ve already used their song “Vomit” as my Song of the Day, it shouldn’t be too shocking that I consider myself to be a pretty big fan. “Vomit” remains a contender for the best song of 2011 (along with Destroyer’s “Kaputt,” M83’s “Midnight City,” and tUnE-yArDs’ “Bizness”). Another really phenomenal (and deeply moving) track of Father, Son, Holy Ghost is the deliciously old-school sounding “Love Like a River.” Christopher Owens has a remarkable talent for turning deep-seated pain into beautiful and sweeping music, and this tune is a fine example of how well he does this. Enjoy.