I’m a “Gleek,” but long-time readers already know this (and Darren Criss’ star-making performance of “Teenage Dream” has already made it as my Song of the Day). Glee finally comes back after a considerable hiatus next week, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve missed the shenanigans of the students of McKinley High (and of those that have graduated like Rachel and Kurt), and considering that the last episode ended with nearly ever power couple on the show breaking up, I need to know what’s next. Anyways, this particular performance from Lea Michele way back in the first season remains, arguably, my single-favorite performance from Glee‘s resident diva and vocal powerhouse. I actually prefer this version of the song to the original Barbara Streisand number (lol and in my screenplay two characters have an argument about this… it makes sense in context). I get chills every time I hear her sing this tune. For all fans of showtunes, it’s a can’t miss performance.