Although I only gave it four (out of five stars) for my initial review (and i generally stand by that opinion), I have decided that Father John Misty’s fantastic album Fear Fun may have more legs on it than any other indie rock record this year (even if it doesn’t push as many boundaries as a record like Shields by Grizzly Bear). It is almost the textbook definition of a grower. It’s funny. I just re-read my review of the album and my complaint was the lack of singles on it. I totally take that back cause there are a ton of great songs that have been slowly but surely growing on me since the album’s release. I’ve already used “Nancy From Now On” and “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” as my Song of the Day, and now we have the excellent, weird, and catchy (with an insane video) “This Is Sally Hatchet.” It’s nuts, and what’s the craziest thing about all of this is that I fully expect to use several more songs from this album for as long as this whole Song of the Day thing lives. Enjoy.