I promise I am not going away again any time soon. If I manage to not fall asleep by taking an absurdly late nap, I may even have another movie review up this evening. Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari is back in business. So, my big Christmas present to myself this year was an old-school turntable to play vinyl records on and I spent all of the Christmas money I got from my dad on vinyl records. I work at a music store where I get 30% off all my purchases and on associate appreciation day (where all my purchases where actually 40% off), I bought a shit ton of vinyl records. So I thought an easy way for me to ring in the New Year would be to pick one song off of every vinyl record I bought. I bought like 30 records so I won’t actually do them all in a row because I want to continue throwing in songs from last year that I’ve only recently got to listen to (thanks to their placement on various year-end lists, like yesterday’s “Climax” by Usher), but I’ll go back and forth between my new vinyl collection and then newer music. So, I’ll do this vinyl thing in alphabetical order by artist so we’re starting with Adele and her true smash hit record 21. It’s a phenomenal album and one of the mainstream records that deserves all of the success it had. My favorite song on the album is “Turning Tables.” I hope you like it if you haven’t heard it before.