One of the new mottos I have for my revitalized Hot Saas’s Pop Culture Safari is that I’m not going to be as strict about keeping up with things as I was in the past. I think part of the reason that the pressure of maintaining this blog got so overbearing was that I was putting perhaps unreasonable demands on myself and my own mental flogging for breaking my own self-imposed rules was too harsh. For example, tonight I worked til 9:50-ish and then immediately went to a bar to get drinks with a friend. So, I didn’t have a chance to do my Song of the Day before the clock struck midnight. So, I’m doing it right now. Instead of exploring my vinyl collection, we’ll go with great songs from last year that I discovered later on. Now, it’s Chromatics turn. Think “The Cure meet coolly seductive euro-dance-pop.” Yeah, it’s that awesome. Enjoy the title track off their record Kill for Love.