Long time readers probably know that I have  a serious case of “Bon Fiver” (pronounced “fee-vair” like “eee-vair”). I’ve always loved Bon Iver’s breakthrough album For Emma, Forever Ago from first listen and after Justin Vernon’s phenomenal Bonnaroo set, I finally was able to wrap myself around the self-titled album as well. It expanded his sound in ways that few bands whose name isn’t Radiohead or the Beatles ever dare to do, particularly when For Emma attained such cult status among indie music fans. However, what made me fall “Arcade Fire” in love with Bon Iver was the aforementioned Bonnaroo set. It’s the single greatest concert I’ve ever gone to and more of a religious experience than I ever had in a church. Justin Vernon and his collaborators make heavenly music and it just astounds in a live setting. You can truly grasp the magnitude of his lush and expansive music when you see it being made right in front of you. I’m diving into my vinyl collection for this one because I bought For Emma. It’s ironic that I’m picking this song, “Flume,” because Bon Iver didn’t do it at Bonnaroo. It’s my second favorite song on the record but I want to save “Skinny Love” for a special occasion.