If you can’t understand why Bob Dylan is one of the top five most important American lyricists of all time (if not outright number one but I could see arguments being made for Jim Morrison or Bruce Springsteen), we probably can’t have a reasonable conversation about music. We would operating in incompatible spheres of musical discussion. Bob Dylan revolutionized folk music and song-writing ever since he first popped on the scene. I’m delving into my vinyl collection here with the first track on Highway 61 Revisited, “Like a Rolling Stone.” Considered by many to be one of the greatest songs ever recorded, I’d have to agree. I don’t think it’s my number one. And I don’t even think it’s Bob Dylan’s best song, but few songs had a bigger impact in the world of music than “Like a Rolling Stone.” It’s ripple are still felt today. My words (even when I was a regularly writing film critic) couldn’t have done this song justice. So we’ll just let old Bobby D speak for himself.