I’m taking a break from my vinyl collection to return to an album from 2012 that I’ve only recently had the pleasure of listening to. It’s the gorgeous bit of chamber pop, A Haunted Man by Bats for Lashes. The song of course is “Laura.” For whatever reason, I hadn’t even heard of Bats for Lashes (except perhaps obliquely. certainly never listened to any of her work) til she wound up on Pitchfork’s best tracks list as well as their Best Albums list. And when I listened to A Haunted Man, I thoroughly enjoyed it. She tapped into something direct and deeply emotional in an indie music world dominated by bands that prefer oblique and cynically insincere. Just listen to “Laura” and dare to not find yourself moved by Natasha Khan’s gorgeous voice or her elegant but simple piano instrumentation. I wish more indie artists had this direct of an approach to music making.