Just when you thought it felt like nobody was making great political hip-hop anymore, Killer Mike brought it (and Atlanta) back to the critical darling forefront with his opus R.A.P. Music (which stands for Rebellious African People, making it the best hip-hop acronym since N.W.A.). R.A.P. Music was easily the second best hip-hop record of last year, behind good Kid, M.a.a.D. city and just ahead of Nas’s Life Is Good. He combined funky Southern-fried rap and rapid fire beats/rhymes with an intelligence that has been missing from the southern rap scene ever since the dissolution of Outkast (who are the greatest Southern rap outfit of all time). It’s hard to pick the best track off of the fantastic album but I’ll go with the political firestorm known as “Reagan.” This might be hyperbole because the song is so fresh to me but this could be one of the best political hip-hop tune since Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power.” It’s that damn good. Enjoy.